"Al-Nassr" and "Al-Batin" ( 2-1 ) 🔥 Match Goals HighLights 🏆 MBS

Al-Nasr won the Saudi league title for the 2018/2019 season after winning at the expense of Al-Batin team in the meeting held on Monday evening at King Fahad International Stadium 2-1 in the last 30 and final round of the league.

ملخص مباراة النصر و الباطن في الجولة 30 من دوري كأس الأمير محمد بن سلمان

Al-Nasr lifted its lead to 70 points, one point behind Al Hilal runner-up While the balance of the sub-at 25 points in the fifteenth place Al-Nasr won the Saudi league No. 17 in its history "with various names".

Al-Nasr managed to score the goal by attacking Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah in the 26th minute, after a penalty awarded by the referee after a touch of the sub-player Hamdallah, who scored the goal of progress.

Al-Batin managed to score the goal of reducing the gap by Ziad Al-Analy in the 53rd minute of the match.

In the 57th minute, Al Nasr scored a second goal by Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah after a long ball from Al Dosari was received by Hamdallah in a wonderful way on the chest before sending it into the net.Moroccan international striker Abdel Razak Hamdallah scored two goals for Al-Nasr Saudi in the final match against Al-Batin, which announced the culmination of the world's eighth title in history.

With these two goals, the Moroccan striker entered the history of Al Sadduri from the widest of his doors, scoring 34 goals in the season, the highest number reached by a player in a season.

Hamdallah beat Hamza Idris, the former Saudi football legend and former federation club, who scored 33 goals in one season.
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