Real Madrid and Real Betis ( 0-2 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 La Liga

Real Madrid ended the disastrous season with a 2-0 defeat by Real Betis in the last 38th round of the Spanish Liga at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Real Betis raised his lead to 50 points in 10th place.

ملخص ريـال مـدريـد وريـال بيـتـيس 0-2 - سقوط الملكى مجددا

The first half of the game was quiet between the two teams amid the blockage of the field in the middle of the field without any real chance, while Betis goalkeeper almost made a coup against Venecius but returned and corrected his mistake, and in the 17th minute, Easy at Navas, and then Marcelo shot a ball in the stands.

In the 25th minute, Marcelo fired a shot from outside the box but was just outside the net. Pertra fired a powerful shot from outside the box, but Navas pushed it into a corner in the 28th minute. Benzema wasted a goal after a cross from the crossbar, Who hit the ball but landed in the bottom post in the 33th minute.

Marcelo sent a cross from the keeper and Llorente's shot, but the keeper blocked it twice. Betis then managed to snatch the lead after a dangerous ball that Nafas narrowly put off in the 35th minute, ending the first half after 0-0.

In the second half, Real Madrid came in strongly for the goal but missed the last minute. In the 57th minute, Venecius came close to scoring but the keeper shone and hit the ball. Ibrahim Diaz took the lead in the 60th minute. Betis scored the goal of Lorenzo Morne, taking advantage of a cross-field ball.

Betis had to score a second goal after a shot by Lu Silso from outside the box but Navas skillfully pushed it into a corner in the 67th minute. Lucello then missed a goal with a shot from inside the box but next to the goal, Marcelo passed the ball to Asencio, who shot it wide.

In the 75th minute Real Betis scored a second goal through Jesi Rodriguez after a pass to Vervo, who sent a cross from the inside of the box around the substitute Khissi in the net, and then came out Benzema and entered instead Vazquez, the remaining minutes passed without any risk On the two goals, to end the meeting with the victory of Real Betis 2-0.
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