Zamalek and Nahdat Berkane ( 1-0 ) Match Goals & HighLights - CAF Confederation Cup

Egypt's Zamalek crowned the African Confederation Cup at the expense of the Moroccan volcano's renaissance, with the victory of the White Card in the penalty shootout.

ملخص الزمالك ونهضة بركان 1-0 نهائي كاس الكنفدرالية- تتويج الزمالك بالبطولة

ركلات ترجيح الزمالك ونهضة بركان5-3 فوز الزمالك بالكنفدرالية لاول مرة فالتريخ

The match ended in its original games with a 1-0 victory over Zamalek, with the result being a 1-1 draw after Morocco's Nahdet Berkane won last week.

Khaled Boutaib scored the first kick, and Hamdi Al-Asheer missed the first kick of the volcano, and Mahmoud Alaa scored second for Zamalek.

The referee ordered the return of the penalty, which was addressed by Janesh, Ismail Almqdam, because of the progress of goalkeeper Zamalek before the whistle whistle, to score the lead and the result is 2-1.

Abdullah Juma scored the third kick for Zamalek, and Laba Kudjo scored the third kick of the renaissance to make it 3-2, and scored Joseph Obama's fourth kick for Zamalek, and recorded Daewoo fourth to the Renaissance volcano.

Ahmed Zizou won the fifth kick to officially crown Zamalek as a Confederation Cup champion and win his first African title since 2002.
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