Argentina and Qatar ( 2-0 ) ⭐️ Match Goals and HighLights ⭐️ Copa América 2019

Argentina rattles Qatar and qualifies for the quarter-finals of Copa America

The Copa America reached the quarter-finals of the Copa America with a 2-0 win over Qatar in the third round of the tournament on Gremio Arena.

ملخص مباراة الارجنتين وقطر 2-0 - تاهل التانغو - الاهداف كاملة - مباراة ممتعه

The Argentinians are now in fourth place in Group B and will face Venezuela in the quarter-finals.

The Argentine took the lead with a 4-0 lead by Lautaro Martinez after a gift from the Qatari national who accidentally passed the ball to Lautaro who took the ball and slammed it into the net easily.

The Argentine team continued their attempts but were not so dangerous, while Aguero fired a dangerous ball near Al Qaim, while Qatar almost signed the contract after a free kick hit Al Qaim, ending the first half 1-0.

In the second half, the team almost scored a second goal after a dangerous cross, narrowly missed by Qatar's defense, while Aguero fired a powerful shot from outside the area.

Messi wasted a goal after a ball shot from inside the penalty area above the goal, and then scored (Sergio Aguero) a second goal with a ground shot from inside the penalty area, and then ended the meeting with a victory and qualify Argentina.
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