Brazil and Paraguay ( 4-3 PT ) ⭐️ Match Goals and HighLights ⭐️ Copa América 2019

The penalty shoot-out saves Brazil and moves it to the semi-finals of Cuba

Brazil won the Copa America's Copa America quarter-final in the Copa America quarter-final after beating Paraguay in a penalty shootout.

ملخص مباراة البرازيل وباراجواي 🔥ركلات ترجيح 4-3🔥 كوبا امريكاى

The first match in the quarter-final between Brazil and Paraguay ended in a goalless draw, despite the dismissal of defender Baluwina in the 58th minute.

The Brazilians failed to score a goal throughout the game, especially in the last 30 minutes after Paraguay played with 10 men.

In the penalty shoot-out, the Brazilian team managed to settle for a 4-3 win after Barragui's side gave a strong hand to the hosts.

The Brazilian side, the winning side of today's clash between Venezuela and Argentina, will be expected to play together in the semi-finals of the continental championship.
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