England and Netherlands Match ( 1-3 ) 🔥 Goals A Highlights 🔥 UEFA Nations League

The Netherlands beat England to face Portugal in the final of the European Championship

The Dutch team beat Portugal in the final of the European Championship, beating the English team in the semi-final (3-1) after the extension.

ملخص مباراة انجلترا وهولندا 1-3 نصف نهـائي الأمم الأوروبية - مباراة مجنونة

England scored the first goal in the 32nd minute, with Manchester United star Markus Rushford penalty.

The Dutch were able to score the equalizer in the 73rd minute with a superb header from Mathias de Lechte after a ball lifted from a corner.

The original time ended with a draw, and the game went on for extra runs. The Dutch scored the goal in the 97th minute by Quincy Promise.

The Dutch finished the match with a third goal from Promis after a pass from Memphis DeBay to take advantage of a big gap from Ross Barclay.
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