🔥 Liverpool and Tottenham 🔥 Champions League Final 💪 Cra⚡y Match Highlights 2-0

Liverpool won the Champions League at Tottenham Hotspur after winning 2-0 in the final at Wanda Mediterraneo in Madrid, the sixth in the history of the Reds.

ملخص مباراة ليـفربـول وتوتـنــام 2-0 صـلاااح يسجل هدف قاتل وجنون رؤوف خليف

The first half of the game was very impressive after the referee awarded a penalty for Sadio Mani after a touch on Sissoko. The Egyptian star (Mohamed Salah) scored for her in the second minute, Amid a negative takeover by Tottenham without risking the Reds.

Sisoko fired a powerful shot from outside the penalty area but above the goal, Arnold then shot a powerful shot from outside the penalty area on the right side but next to keeper Lauris in the 16th minute, and then continued to Tottenham his advantage in terms of control and possession of the ball amid a decline by the Reds Which was based on counter-attacks.

In the 22nd minute, Robertson sent a dangerous cross from the left, but the defender kept it out of the way before reaching Salah. Robertson then fired a superb shot from the penalty box but Hugo Lauris narrowly pushed it into the corner in the 37th minute. A little risk, to the end of the first half with the Reds advancing 1-0.

In the second half, Fabenio fired a powerful shot from outside the area, hitting the Spurs player and then goalkeeper Lauris twice. Robertson then sent a dangerous cross but Lauris was on the bench in the 53rd minute. In the Reds defender, and then he went out and entered Origi.

In the 61st minute, Feynaldum stepped in to replace James Minler in the Reds' second, while Wynks came out and replaced Lucas Mora in the 65th minute. Liverpool almost scored a second goal after a volley at Salah, From inside the penalty box but next to the left post keeper Lauris in the "68" minute.

Tottenham had a close equalizer through Dili Ally who shot from inside the penalty area but was easy on Alesson in the 73rd minute. Sissoko and then substitute Eric Dyer came in, but Tottenham almost equalized after a shot from Sun from outside the penalty area Alison removed her, then a shot from Mora in Allison's arms.

In the 81st minute, Deli Aley came in and replaced Fernandez Llorente. Ereksen fired a great free kick but Alison turned it into a corner in the 85th minute. Liverpool scored a second goal through substitute Penalty kick before he leveled the ball in the net after 89 minutes.

Cadio Mani stepped in and replaced Joe Gomez by the Reds. Tottenham then sent a powerful shot, but Allison took it to a corner that was not used in the 90th minute.
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