Morocco and Namibia 1-0 ⚡ MATCH Goals & HighLights 🔥 Africa Cup of Nations 2019 🏆

Friendly Goal gives Morocco its first three points

The Moroccan team, a tough win over Namibia, in the first round of the Group IV African Cup of Nations, a clean goal friendly fire.

ملخص مباراة المغرب وناميبيا 1-0 - هدف قاتل - كاس امم افريقيا

In a blow from outside the penalty area, sent into the penalty area of the Namibia team from the players of Morocco, Kimwen hit a ball by mistake and netted goalkeeper goalkeeper cursed Morocco's progress.

The Moroccan team dominated the game by 67%, and demanded a penalty kick in the first half after the fall of Noureddine Imrabet in the restricted area, but the referee did not count.

Morocco won their first three points in Group D to top them, waiting for the group's second match on Monday between Ivory Coast and South Africa.
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