Tunisia and Croatia ( 2-1 ) Match Goals & HighLights 🔰 Friendly

Tunisia defeats Croatia in preparation for African nations

The Tunisian team won a moral and friendly victory at the expense of his team, the Croatian team, two goals to a goal, in the friendly international meeting that was held this evening on the grounds of the "Anelko Hergavik."

ملخص مباراه تونس وكرواتيا 2-1 - تالق نسور قرطاج - مباراه مجنونة

The Tunisian team scored the goal of progress through (Anis Badri) in the minute "16" after a quick counter-attack and organization ended with a pass from Al-Masaki to Al-Badri who shot the ball into the net from inside the penalty area.

In the 47th minute, Croatia scored the equalizer with Bruno Petkovic, after a ball that reached Bruno, who was playing with the defender before sending a shot into the net.

Tunisia managed to score a second goal through Naeem Saliti from a penalty. The match comes just days before the start of the African Cup of Nations, which will be held on Egyptian soil.
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