Barcelona VS Chelsea ( 1-2 ) Friendly Match Golas and Highlights

Barcelona drops to Chelsea in the Rakuten Cup

The Barcelona team received a disappointing loss by their side Chelsea at the meeting held on Saturday evening at the Saitama 2002 stadium, with a 2-1 draw in the friendly Rakuten Cup.

ملخص مباراة برشلونة وتشيلسي 1-2 كامل تألق حارس تشيلسي- اول مباراة لجريزمان

Chelsea managed to score the goal by Tammy Abraham in the 43rd minute after a fatal mistake by Busquets to pass the ball to Tammy, who received the ball and dribbled Steigen and put it in the net.

In the 81st minute, Chelsea scored a second goal from substitute Ross Barclay after a Barclay ball on the edge of the box before firing the ball into the net.

Barca managed to reduce the lead by Ivan Rakic ​​in the 90th minute, after he fired a wonderful shot that did not respond and did not hit the Blues, ending the match after the victory of Chelsea 2-1.

The Barcelona team will face Japan's Vesel Kobe on Saturday, July 27, in the same tournament at the Nouveau Kobe stadium.
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