Chile and Peru ( 0-3 ) 🔥 Match Goals and HighLights 🔥 Copa América 2019 🏆

Peru are a resounding surprise and qualify for the Copa America final

The Peruvian team was upset by a high-profile upset after they eliminated Chile and qualified for the Copa America final after a 3-0 win at the semi-final of the tournament.

ملخص مباراة البيرو و تشيلي 3-0 🔥 البيرو إلى نهائي كوبا أمريكا

Peru's Edison Flores made it 21 - 1 after a cross from the right and head to Flores, who hit the ball in the net.

In the 38th minute, Peru scored a second goal through Yoshimar Yotun, after a cross from the right-hand side reached Yutot, who fired a powerful shot from the edge of the box into the net.

Peru managed to score a third goal through Paulo Guerrero in the 90th minute and Chelsea missed a penalty in the 90th minute.

Peru will face Brazil in the final on Sunday (July 7th).
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