Real Madrid VS Arsenal ( 2-2 ) 3-2 PT Match Highlights 2019 International Champions Cup

Real Madrid defeats Arsenal on penalties in the International Cup of Champions

Real Madrid beat Arsenal 2-2 on penalties After a positive draw 2-2 In the meeting that was held On Wednesday morning On the floor of FedEx Field In the framework of matches of the International Cup of Friendly Champions.

ملخص مباراة ريال مدريد وآرسنال 2-2 كامل 🔥 مباراة مجنونة 🔥 الكأس الدولية للأبطال 2019

ركلات ترجيح مباراة ريال مدريد وآرسنال 3-2 

Real Madrid played with 10 men after a penalty was awarded to Arsenal after a touch on Nacho, who was sent off by the red, to score (Alexander Lakazit) goal of progress for the guns in the minute "10".

In the 24th minute, Arsenal scored a second goal through Pierre-Emerik Obamyang after unseating goalkeeper Navas and dribbling the ball into the net. Navas then pushed a dangerous cross into the net and saved a goal.

Arsenal played with ten men after Socrates' second yellow card, and then sent Karvakhal a cross taken by the keeper. Benzema then headed for a cross with a header but hit the post, ending the first half 2-0.

In the second half, Asencio fired a powerful shot from outside the penalty area but hit the post, then Real Madrid scored the goal of reducing the gap through (Gareth Bell) after a ball rebounded from the keeper in the minute "57".

In the 59th minute, Real scored a second goal through Marco Ascencio, using a cross from Marcelo, just outside Ascencio, and then Bill fired a powerful shot from inside the penalty area.

Arsenal were close to picking up a third goal but Bill saved his goal. Arsenal almost scored a third goal through Niketah, but Courtois was on the lookout for the penalty shoot-out.
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