Liverpool vs Chelsea ( 2-2 ) 5-4 PT ⚡ Crazy Match Goals and HighLights 🔥 2019 UEFA Super Cup

Liverpool crowned European Super Cup at the expense of Chelsea

Liverpool won the European Super Cup after beating Chelsea 5-4 on penalties after a positive 2-2 draw, in the meeting held at the "Vodafone Park", the title is the fourth for Liverpool in its history.

ملخص وركلات ترجيح مباراة لـ يفـربـول وتـشـيـلـسي 7-6 - جنون الشوالى - مباره مجنونه

The start of the first half was relatively quick between the two teams amid a preference from the side of the Blues, where Henderson sent a cross from the right side shot by Mani but hit the defense and then to a corner that was not used in the minute "5", and then Van Dijk passed a ball to Fabinho who sent two crosses Her Kiba is on twice.

In the "11" minute Pedro curled a medium-high curve from outside the penalty area but next to the post, and in the "15" Liverpool almost scored the goal after a pass from Chamberlain to Salah, who entered the penalty area and shot Kiba, and then hit the ball From inside the box but it's in the horizontal bar.

The Blues almost scored the lead after a ball from Pedro to Kovacic, but goalkeeper Adrian was on the lookout in the 32nd minute. The first half led the Blues 1-0.

At the beginning of the second half, Chamberlain came out and entered Firmino, before Lever scored the equalizer through (Sadio Mani) after a ball from Fabinho to Firmino, who converted to Mani, who fired the ball Kepa and then followed in the net in the "48", and then shot Fabinho A powerful ball from outside the penalty area missed the goal.

Henderson hit the ball from outside the penalty area hit the defense and then Kiba was blocked, Minler went out and entered Vinaldom, then came out Giro and Pulisic and entered in their place Abraham and Mont in the minute "73", the Lever almost scored the goal after a shot from Salah Kiba and then followed Van Dyck but Kepa pushed them off to hit the bar and the post.

Mont scored a second goal for the Blues but canceled out for offside, then went out Christensen and entered Tomori, the minutes passed without real danger, to end the second half 1-1 draw, and the two teams to the extra runs, before Liverpool scored a second goal through (Sadio Mani) exploited A ball from Firmino around in the roof.

In the "98" minute, Abraham almost scored the equalizer, but the referee Adrien cleared the ball, before the wisdom of the meeting awarded a penalty for the Blues after the fall of Abraham inside the penalty area following the intervention of Adrian, Enbriha (Jorginho), who scored the equalizer in the minute "100" Then Sadio Mani came out and entered Origi instead.

The Blues almost scored a third goal after a cross from Pedro around Abraham next to the post, "Mont fired a strong ball, but Adrian with difficulty in the minute" 112 ", and then the Blues player shot another ball near the post, the extra runs ended 2-2, to judge the two teams to kicks A penalty that smiled for Liverpool 5-4.
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