Who Won? Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Fight

The Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather bout is on the horizon, but who won ? the Floyd vs Mayweather battle after all the hype

Round 1: Paul is all smiling before throwing a single punch. In the first 30 seconds, they're just getting to know each other. Mayweather stays out of range as Paul throws a jab. Paul scores a body shot. As Mayweather circles, he has his arms and hands low. After they break a clinch, Mayweather ducks a punch and tags Paul in the body. Mayweather throws a quick left hand. Mayweather put up a counter. Mayweather hits Paul with a punch. Paul manages to get a body shot in. Mayweather stayed just past Paul's jab's conclusion. As Mayweather turtles up, Paul starts winging massive hooks. There's the ringing of the round one bell.

Mayweather wins the round 10-9, according to MMA Fighting.

Round 2: Paul continues to jab, but he is unable to connect. Mayweather lands a few body shots. Paul is keeping himself busy, even though he isn't landing any deals. With a jab, Paul scores. Mayweather lands a body shot. With a grin on his face, Mayweather. He's slipping punches but not delivering anything in return. Now it's Mayweather's turn to throw a punch. Mayweather fired a body shot. A Paul counter is blocked by Mayweather.

Logan Paul wins the round 10-9, according to MMA Fighting. Overall, Withdraw wins by a score of 19-19.

Round 3: At the start of round three, Paul was drenched in sweat. He's hoping to score a huge one. Mayweather's defense has remained consistent. As they engage in some filthy boxing off of a clinch, a tired-looking Paul is wrapping Mayweather up, with the referee warning both guys to keep it clean. As they continue to be knotted up, Paul scores a short uppercut. Mayweather moves with a lot of exaggeration. Mayweather lands a right hand to the chin. Mayweather's left hook misses. As Paul leans on Mayweather, he hits a couple of nice body blows. Paul walks right into a counter with a lead right hand. Mayweather hits with a quick left hook. Paul goes to tie up after another left hook lands. As we approach the fourth, he appears to be slow.

Mayweather wins the round 10-9, according to MMA Fighting. Overall, Mayweather is 29-28.

Round 4: Mayweather lands a left hook in the fourth round. Paul is firing furiously now that he's settled into a rhythm. Mayweather strikes first with a left hook. Paul lands a hard right, but it's diverted by a classic Mayweather shoulder roll. Mayweather's right hand nearly misses. With a jab, Paul tries to keep him at bay. Paul misses with an uppercut. Paul is hit by a counter right. Mayweather lands a left hook. Mayweather simply lands a right-handed punch. Mayweather may have been hit in the buttocks by Paul. Paul feels OVERWHELMED. As he walks Paul down the street, Mayweather takes in everything.

Mayweather wins the round 10-9, according to MMA Fighting. Overall, Mayweather wins 39-37.

Round 5: Paul's shots almost miss the gloves. Mayweather enters the ring and lands a left hook. Paul is backed up against the ropes by a right hook. Paul is keeping himself occupied. For Mayweather, take a right. Mayweather lands a body shot, and Paul takes a long time to straighten up. Mayweather lands a big counter uppercut. Mayweather is on his way to becoming the best boxer in the world. Mayweather lands another powerful left hook. Paul has withdrawn completely.

Mayweather wins the round 10-9, according to MMA Fighting. Overall, Mayweather wins 49-46.

Round 6: Paul lands a body blow; he's trying, but he can't get Mayweather off of him. Paul clenches his fists a lot. With a right, Mayweather misses. Mayweather delivered a well-placed body shot. He connects with another powerful body shot. Paul was simply throwing a shot at you. Mayweather lands a lead left hook. Mayweather's right-hand counter. At the 10-second clapper, Mayweather hits a strong right.

Mayweather wins the round 10-9, according to MMA Fighting. Overall, Mayweather wins 59-55.

Round 7: Paul lands a left hook in the seventh round. In the first minute of the seventh, there was a lot of clinching. Mayweather lands a body punch. They grapple, and Mayweather simply pushes Paul's head back against the ropes. Paul makes a jab. Mayweather put up a counter. Paul swerves to the right and takes a quick left.

Mayweather wins the round 10-9, according to MMA Fighting. Overall, Mayweather wins 69-64.

Round 8: Mayweather lands a jab in the eighth round. Paul is holding his left hand. As Paul starts a clinch, the audience becomes agitated. Mayweather's lead left hook lands once more. They're separated with a minute to go after further clutching from Paul. Paul punches low and then high, but neither punch connects. With a check left hook, Mayweather tags Paul. He scores again with a left hook. Paul tries to catch Mayweather off guard by pointing to the time. As the fight draws to a close, everyone is smiling.

Mayweather wins the round 10-9, according to MMA Fighting. Overall, Mayweather wins by a score of 79-73.

Because this is an exhibition fight, there will be no official winner.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Full Fight Highlights [Youtube]

The Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather battle has been one of the most anticipated fights in recent memory, with the boxing contest proving to be nothing short of spectacular. Even though the odds were stacked heavily in Mayweather's favor, anything could happen. Now, though, the fight is set to take place, but who will emerge victorious in the Paul vs. Mayweather bout?

It's vital to remember that there isn't a traditional winner in this fight. Because the Paul vs. Mayweather fight isn't officially sanctioned, the outcome won't have a direct impact on either fighter's record. Despite facing off against other notable fighters, Paul had a clear edge in terms of weight, height, and reach. However, Mayweather is a god-tier boxer with an undefeated record.

Paul strutted out, his $150,000 Pokemon card dangling from a gold chain. Ultimately, even with the physical disparity between the two boxers, Paul was no match for Mayweather's experience. Paul, on the other hand, performed better than many expected, landing some solid punches against Mayweather. Paul's approach mostly relied on his size and weight advantages, but in the end, it didn't matter. In the end, neither Floyd Mayweather nor Logan Paul "won" the Paul vs. Mayweather battle, which lasted eight rounds.

Mayweather took a shocking number of punches in the first round, the most of which came in the shape of a quick assault from Paul. Mayweather, on the other hand, didn't let a big number of them make a dent. a method that the boxer has mastered during the course of his career. Paul's height and weight had a role, but Mayweather's reputation as a defensive boxer also played a role.

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